• Always Remember to Check Your Smoke Alarms


    The typical smoke alarm produces a high-pitched tone, which is the pitch most people with hearing loss have the greatest difficulty with.  According to the Fire Protection Research Foundation, the typical smoke alarm fails to wake up almost half of those with hearing loss.

    If you are a person who struggles from hearing loss than always remember to check your smoke alarms.  If your current alarm is loud enough, there are more effective smoke alarms out there:

    – Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock

    – Loudenlow Smoke Detector

    – Silent Call (Includes a pillow vibrator that wakes up 80% of users)


    So if you are hearing aid wearer, hard of hearing or just a very heavy sleeper, we recommend this:

    1. Test your smoke alarm.  Can you hear it without your hearing aids?  Would you be alerted while asleep?
    2. Don’t depend on a strobe light device.  These have been shown to alert only about 25% of sleepers.
    3. Purchase a bed or pillow shaker alarm, or a device that produces the more effective low-pitched sound.

    Taking these preventative measures can in turn save a person’s life.  Please contact us at (215) 855-4127 and ask for Sean if you have any questions.