• Amazing made for iPhone Hearing Aid

    Within the past decade we have seen a dramatic shift in technology and no one can be given more credit for this than Apple Inc™.  People have become so in love with their portable devices that we can barely imagine going a day without one by our side.  Unfortunately, for those who suffer with hearing loss, talking on the phone can be very difficult, even after getting a hearing aid.  This hindrance takes away our ability to converse with family and friends, and keeps us from being involved in their lives.

    Now this can all change.  With the new ReSound LiNX™ you are able to stream any sound from your favorite Apple™ devices (iPod Touch, iPhone 5+, iPad) and have it directly transmitted into your hearing aids.  This amazing made for iPhone hearing aid allows you to enjoy a FaceTime™ conversation with family who lives in another state, listen to your favorite music without missing a lyric, or relax and hear your favorite audio book directly through your hearing aids.

    If you wish to learn more on the amazing benefits with this aid, take a look at their website: http://www.resound.com/products/hearing-aids/ReSound%20LiNX or call us today at (215) 855-4217 and speak to our helpful staff.