• The Good Hearing Partnership

    The good hearing partnership is between you and the audiologist.  It also involves your family, friends, and co-workers.  But the most important partner is you.  You’ve probably taken the most important steps already.  You recognized that you have a hearing loss and have taken positive steps to make sure you’re hearing as well as possible. You sought professional care.  What else can you do to make sure that you’re hearing as well as possible?

    Educate your friends and family: Let the people around you know you have a hearing loss – it’s a lot easier than trying to hide it.  And have you shared these tips?

    -I may hear you when you speak from another room but I probably won’t understand what you said.

    -Please get my attention before speaking.

    -Look at me when you talk to me.

    Use your eyes to hear well: Lipreading is like having a third hearing aid and it’s free.  Most people with hearing loss are already good lip readers.  The most important tip – look at the person who’s talking!

    Take good care of your hearing. Avoid loud sounds and noisy settings both to protect your hearing and to make listening more enjoyable.  Exercise – good cardiovascular health contributes to healthy hearing.  Regular audiologic evaluations, hearing aid cleanings and adjustments ensure you’re hearing as well as possible.

    Take good care of your hearing aids. Hearing aids are complex, sophisticated electronic instruments.  They require routine care.  Call us as soon as you notice a hearing aid problem.  The sooner we can check it, the more likely we can take care of the problem, usually right in our office.

    Use other sources of help. Other devices, such as telephone amplifiers and wireless systems for television, can provide additional help for situations that are especially difficult.  Call us if you would like specific suggestions.

    As active partners in your hearing healthcare, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing everything to hear as well as possible.