• Take Good Care of Your Hearing Devices

    Hearing aids are a large financial expense.  So what can you do to preserve your investment? Well, the first thing you can do is to make sure to take good care of your hearing devices for as long as you have them.

    Hearing aids are pretty sturdy devices in spite of their complex electronic components.  They’re shock resistant and well-protected against moisture and humidity.  But unlike mobile phones and computer tablets such as an iPad, most hearing aids don’t come with built-in GPS locating devices, so they can get lost!

    We recommend that you never wrap your hearing aids in tissue paper.  Hearing aid users have thrown the tissue paper away and even flushed it down the toilet (there go the hearing aids)!  Hearing aids sometimes get lost within the wearer’s home.  One woman replaced her lost hearing aids, only to find them behind the couch two years later.  Hearing aids have been left in pockets and then put through the washing machine.  We don’t recommend it, but it’s not unusual for hearing aids to survive the wash and spin cycle.

    And beware of small animals.  Some dogs like the smell of the acrylic casing and will chew up hearing aids if within reach.  Even putting your hearing aids on a table out on the patio can be risky.  One woman watched as a bird snatched up one of her hearing aids and flew away with it.

    So take good care of your hearing aids and remember, the safest place for them is in your ears.