• What Every Hearing Aid User Should Know


    The process of wearing hearing aids can be complicated at times.  At Associates in Hearing, we like to make the process simple.  Here are some things that every hearing aid user should know:

    – Older hearing aids need repair more frequently, often due to ear wax getting inside the instrument. Most hearing aids now have wax guards, but occasionally these can become clogged with wax.  If you try a new battery and your hearing aid doesn’t work, replacing the wax guard may solve the problem.

    – Feedback – that whistling sound made by a hearing aid – should not occur unless you cup your hand over your hearing aid or bring a telephone close. A build-up of earwax, which blocks amplified sound, can also cause feedback.  A loose fitting ear mold or receiver could be an additional cause.

    – The quality of sound on television sets ranges from excellent to terrible and varies from channel to channel on the same set. Almost all television sets have built-in captioning that displays a written text of what is being said.  Captioning can usually be turned on through the remote control (sometimes by pressing a button marked “cc”).

    – Travel tip – use a small dehumidifier jar to keep your hearing aid secure at night. Be sure to bring plenty of batteries or even a spare set of hearing aids.  You probably won’t need the backup hearing aids, but at least you won’t have to worry, “What if…

    – If you’re heading for a stay in the hospital, bring backup hearing aids if possible. Hearing aids have a tendency to get lost during hospital stays!

    – At a restaurant, try to sit away from the kitchen and with your back to the noisiest area. But many restaurants are just too noisy, so your choice of where to dine is your most important step.