• Who Can I Trust For Hearing Aids?


    Anymore, we as consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information on what to buy, who to buy it from and when to buy it.  But with something as important as your ability to hear, don’t you think we should take the proper steps and consult an educated hearing professional for this issue?


    I saw a local ad in the paper the other day that advertised a low priced hearing aid but showed the picture of an expensive, high end model.  The advertisement also spoke of features that were consistent with a high end model.   I can tell you that the type of hearing aid that they alluded to was in no way the cost that they were advertising.  The ad, however, did cover its tail by telling you exactly what model was being sold at the low price but what it did not tell you is that the picture and the feature were not the same model.  Hearing aid model names are not common knowledge and most consumers would never know which model is better. The low price is to get your attention and get you in the door.


    In order to avoid bait and switch advertisement, you should always consult an Audiologist when you start to show signs of declining hearing.   Some people often confuse a Hearing Aid Dispensers for an Audiologist and when a bad experience comes of it, our reputation as professionals are affected.  Hearing Aid Dispensers are not formally educated on diagnosing and treating hearing loss but rather, take a certification exam in order to gain their title.  For me, knowing the hearing aid technology is not enough; you must also have the knowledge of the human auditory system from ear to brain. Then you can make an expert fit between hearing aid and patient.  Audiologists are educated on their craft for 8 years and engage in plenty of clinical experience in a multitude of settings before earning their Doctorate.


    So like hearing aids, we as consumers should try to block out the background noise and focus in on what is important to us: getting the best help we can.  Yes, saving money is always helpful but I am believer that there is no price tag on a better quality of life.