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December 2018

How You Can Make This Holiday Season the Best One Yet

By Resources

I t’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least, it’s supposed to be.

Your holiday season probably looks a lot like ours: holiday parties, reuniting with family, celebrations, and gifts. To put it simply, it’s the busiest time of the year. Hearing loss doesn’t make the craziness any easier.

To put it simply, it’s the busiest time of the year. Hearing loss doesn’t make the craziness any easier.

Being able to enjoy the holidays with those you love is important. As important as it is to give gifts and enjoy great company, it’s incredibly important to take care of yourself. That means paying attention to your hearing loss and managing it the best you can.

We want to help you have the best holiday season yet. We have a few tips that we think will make it possible.

  • Ask yourself if treating your hearing loss will make a difference.

  • Figure out what you can do to communicate better.

  • Check your devices.

  • Make sure you have batteries.

1. Ask yourself if treating your hearing loss will make a difference.

Maybe you hadn’t considered it before, but your hearing loss could be part of the reason you haven’t enjoyed holidays in the past. It’s pretty frustrating trying to have a conversation when you can’t hear everything the other person is saying.

Imagine how enjoyable it would be if your hearing loss didn’t stand in the way.

It doesn’t have to. The least you can do is make an appointment with an audiologist. They can help you determine if hearing aids will make a difference.

2. Figure out what you can do to communicate better.

Regardless if you have hearing aids, it’s possible to communicate well if you put in the effort. It might be helpful to tell the host of a party that loud music or other background noise makes it really difficult for you to hear conversations. When you voice what would be helpful for you, people will most likely try to accommodate you.

In the meantime, use these tips to work around a loud environment:

  • Turn your back to the majority of the noise so you can hear what’s happening in front of you.
  • Tell those you are with that they need to speak up and speak clearly.
  • Most importantly, try not to isolate yourself.

We can bet that the people you’re with will do their best to make you feel like you’re part of the conversation.

3. Check your devices.

We’re sure you check your hearing aids on a daily basis if you have them, especially if you remove them to sleep, shower, or exercise. But it’s easy to get out of the habit of making sure everything looks good.

Now is a great time to have your devices looked over. There might be a small repair you’ve been putting off or the device itself needs to be adjusted so you can hear even better. Take a look at your devices the next time you take them off. If something needs to be looked2 at, we’re always here to help you if you can’t fix it on your own.

4. Make sure you have batteries.

If your devices require replaceable batteries, it’s pretty easy to get new ones. We have a plethora of batteries to fit every hearing aid, and we’d like to make sure you have what you need so you can hear everything at your next holiday party.

Since not all devices need their batteries replaced, you should also have your devices checked to make sure their built-in battery power is sufficient.

The holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year. We’d love to help you make that possible. Whether it’s through an initial appointment to check your hearing loss or adjusting your current hearing aids, together, we can manage your hearing loss so it doesn’t keep you from enjoying this incredible season of giving and cheer.

We’d love to get you in our offices before the end of the year. Give us a call at (215)855-4217!

10 Questions with Mary Kay Mariano

By Resources

Serving our patients with the best care starts with a passionate, cohesive team. Our people care about you, and we are grateful they are part of our mission.

For over 10 years, Mary Kay Mariano has been an essential part of everything we do at Associates in Hearing. As the Patient Care Coordinator, Mary Kay assists the audiologists, cares for walk-in patients, performs various office tasks, and handles special projects. She makes it possible for us to serve our patients with high-quality care!

We want you to get to know Mary Kay as we do. We asked her 10 questions to get to know her better. Here are her answers:

1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child, I always wanted to be a nurse. I was always the nurse when we played Army in the yard with all the kids in the neighborhood, and I would use the dog’s water to wipe their faces.

If you could have dinner with any person, alive or dead, who would it be?

I think I would love to have dinner with my grandparents on both sides. I was very young when they passed. What better way to have a good laugh or a serious conversation than with your grandparents around the dinner table!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would definitely travel to Ireland to research my ancestry and to tour the beauty of the land.

Describe yourself in three words.

I describe myself as compassionate, dedicated and funny. I love making people laugh, understanding their concerns, and doing what I do.

What is your favorite food or meal to eat?

Favorite food is any type of seafood. My favorite is lobster with lots of butter.

What are your hobbies?

I love to workout at the gym, and I absolutely love being with my grandkids.

What is your favorite part about working at Associates in Hearing?

My favorite part about working with Associates in Hearing is my coworkers. We have a real connection. I love working with our clients. There is always a story.

Why is hearing important?

I think hearing is important for two reasons: our well being and our safety. Hearing connects you to people and your surroundings.

If you could binge watch one show, what would you pick?

I would definitely binge watch This Is Us. So many real-life situations

What is one of your favorite memories from your childhood?

One of my favorite memories as a child was Sunday Dinner Night. We would have dinner early, go to our cousins’ house and then hit O’Boyles Ice Cream Restaurant for a wonderful ice cream treat and laughing together with my family.

What is Entheos?

By Humanitarian Trips

If you’ve been around Associates in Hearing long enough, you’ll hear about our desire to see people all across the world receiving the hearing healthcare they need. Some of our staff have gone on humanitarian trips across the world so people everywhere can receive the care they need.

The reason we do this is simple: we believe hearing healthcare can uplift individuals and entire communities. The poorest and under-privileged can become pillars within their community if we give them the gift of hearing.

Hearing loss is more common than you might think. There are 466 million people worldwide with disabling hearing loss, and 38 million of those are children. Not everyone has access to the hearing healthcare they need, so instead of treating hearing loss, people and children are left with disabling hearing loss that leaves them unable to communicate, learn, and contribute to their communities.

Our audiology practice is part of a hearing collective called Entheos. Partnering with Entheos allows us to give back here at home and across the world so people everywhere can receive the hearing healthcare they need to thrive.

What is Entheos?

As a hearing cooperative, Entheos helps us work with like-minded audiology practice across the country so we are serving our patients and people in need with high-quality hearing healthcare that makes a difference. As a member, we can join humanitarian trips led by Entheos so hearing healthcare reaches every corner of the world.

Why does Entheos exist?

Hearing healthcare is a privilege. As providers, we want people to receive the care they need so they can thrive in whatever they do. Through Entheos, we can give back in more ways than one.

At Associates in Hearing, we love what we do. Serving those in need allows us to better serve our patients at home. It reinvigorates us to excel in all that we do.

What can I do?

As we strive to serve those in need, we need your help. If we could fund every penny of our humanitarian trips, we would! When you partner with us and help us reach people in need, we can do more than we imagined was possible.

You can join us as we serve here and across the world. Because we partner with Entheos, you can give back knowing exactly what your dollars or old hearing aids are going to.

Here’s how you can help:


  1. Give to Entheos.


Entheos is a non-profit, so raising funds to send teams on humanitarian trips is essential. Every dollar helps, and your giving can make a difference in someone’s life.

Giving is easy, and whatever you can donate is tax deductible. Give here.


  1. Donate your old hearing aids.


You probably have an old set of hearing devices sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust.

When you donate your old hearing aids, the devices can be refurbished so someone in need can use them. Those old devices are of no use to you. But to someone else, they can mean the world.

Treating your hearing loss will let you hear and enjoy every aspect of the game. But more than that, it will let you enjoy the game with those you love and care about most.

You can drop off your old devices at our offices at Associates in Hearing. If you’d like more information or have any questions, give us a call at 215-855-4217.

Together, we can make a difference in the world.

Donate to Entheos or bring in your old hearing aids today. Your generosity will make a difference!