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June 2019

Update from Zambia

By Humanitarian Trips

Mary Kay’s and Karen’s Excellent African Adventure Update

The clinics in Zambia have started for Mary Kay Mariano and Karen Fry and they’ve been busy!

Karen worked the registration station where initial background information is gathered and people checked in. Correct and thorough histories and details help inform audiologists and ENT’s for the best treatment options. This also means Karen gets to hear all the patient stories. I’m sure she will come back with many to share. 

Karen and her translator work at the registration station in the Zambian clinic.

Check out Mary Kay’s experience with the coolest 91-year-old ever!

Mary Kay helped this 91-year-old woman with care and cleaning of her new hearing aids. She was ready to go home to her village.
Her son came to pick her up and gave her gloves to keep her warm.
She then got on the back of her son’s motorcycle and off they went!

Not only do the patients receive thorough hearing exams, testing, and state-of-the art hearing devices while at the clinic; with Mary Kay’s help they also learn how to protect, clean, and use their hearing aids so they hold up until our next visit. Mary Kay also sends each home with a supply of batteries – safely tucked away if they are leaving on a motorcycle.

Keep checking in for the next installment of our Africa posts.

Giving Back to Zambia

By Humanitarian Trips

Your support is helping children in Zambia to hear – some for the first time in their lives.  

During the past two months the team at Associates in Hearing have reached out to our community and patients to build awareness of our local and global give-back programs. Your response has been amazing, and we want to thank you for your support.  

As a result of generous donations, two of our front office staff, Karen Fry and Mary Kay Mariano are currently in Africa volunteering their time and talent with a group of audiologists in a small, rural village. Zambia is a developing nation of almost 17 million people. It’s full of amazing wildlife and incredible cultures. However, with such a large population, it has only one audiologist. 

Since Mary Kay and Karen are vital to our patient care here in Lansdale, we know they will give loving care to those halfway around the globe. Trust me, we will all be reminded of just how much we depend on each of them while they are away! 

By allowing AIH to be your hearing health care resource, you are supporting our work both at home and around the globe. Our patients are our heroes! 

Stay tuned for stories about their African adventure.