3 Cleaning Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Do you remember the first time you wore your hearing aids? Do you remember how the world sounded better, clearer than ever before?

Your hearing aids changed your life, and they make lives better everyday for people everywhere. Finally, you can hear what you’ve been missing. You can participate in life, stay connected to those you love, and do things you love to do.

Your devices are wonderful, and they work best when you are keeping them clean. Remember how clear you could hear the first time you wore them?

You should hear like that all the time, and that starts with keeping your devices clean on a daily basis. If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s three tips to keep your devices clean and working just like they did the first day you wore them.

1. Regularly wipe clean and maintain your devices.

Think of your hearing aids like you would a pair of glasses. If your lenses are smudged or dirty, you take a cloth out and wipe them off. You wouldn’t leave a smudge on your lenses for days on end, allowing it to hinder your vision. You’d take care of it.

Cleaning your hearing aids should be a daily practice. Everyday, make sure your devices are wiped clean using a dry cloth or a soft toothbrush. Do this every night when you remove your devices as you get ready for bed.

2. Look out for earwax.

Your earwax is 100% normal, but it can be a little pesky when it comes to hearing aids. You might notice some on the earbud component of your device, and that’s to be expected. However, the wax can clog important components of your device, like the microphone and the earmold tube, so you need to inspect them carefully.

The best tools to remove earwax are a wax pick and brush, designed specifically for cleaning earwax off of hearing aids. Simply remove the earmold tube and gently clean it. If there’s wax stuck inside the tube, you can rinse it out with water.

Once you’ve cleaned the tube well, allow it to completely dry overnight before reassembling your hearing aid.

3. Avoid extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

A particularly humid environment can result in water getting into your hearing aid, which is not good! Water is damaging to your device, so if you’re going swimming, taking a shower, or using a sauna, remove your devices first.

Heat can also destroy a hearing device, so keep them away from space heaters, radiators, or other heat sources. Extreme cold can stop the batteries in your devices from working properly. That can be remedied by getting the batteries back to room temperature.

It’s important to your hearing that you keep your hearing devices clean, free of debris and earwax, and away from extreme elements. Incorporate hearing aid maintenance into your daily routine, and you’ll make sure that your devices are working like they did when you first got them.

We recommend that you get your devices professionally cleaned in our offices every three to six months. Simply bring your devices by Associates in Hearing, and we’ll be able to remove any stubborn earwax or debris and ensure that your hearing aids are working like they should.

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