3 Effective Ways to Protect Your Hearing This 4th of July

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You probably have fun plans for this Fourth of July, right? Maybe a cookout with friends, swimming, and a fireworks show. What’s July 4th if you don’t celebrate with fireworks?

The thing is, you might be putting your hearing in danger this Fourth of July and not even realize it.

Noise-induced hearing loss is hearing loss caused by exposure to loud sounds that measure over 85 decibels. The sound could be brief, like an explosion or firework.

Or it could be long-lasting, like a concert or consistent use of earbuds at a dangerous volume. Whatever the case, noise-induced hearing loss is the only hearing loss that you can prevent.

We want you to enjoy whatever fireworks show you’re planning to attend this year, and we also want you to be safe. Here are three effective ways to keep noise-induced hearing loss at bay.

1. Wear earplugs.

You might think wearing earplugs means you won’t be able to hear anything. That’s not true! Earplugs fit snuggly into the ear canal, muffling loud noises and keeping them from damaging your ear. Wearing them doesn’t keep you from hearing. Wearing earplugs protects your ears from overpowering sounds by keeping them out.

Keep the earplugs in until the show is over, and you won’t regret it. You’ll still be able to participate and enjoy the fireworks. When you’re done, keep them in your car so you’ll always be able to protect your hearing when you need it.

2. Keep a safe distance.

We know you don’t want to miss a moment of the fireworks show. But, is it worth losing your hearing over? We don’t think so.

By keeping a safe distance away from fireworks, you give your hearing a better chance to remain undamaged. The closer you are, the worse the impact could be. Noises that are louder and more long-lasting will definitely have a negative impact on your hearing. When you stay far enough away, you’re doing your ears a favor.

Don’t forget to keep your earplugs in if you’re worried that you’re too close! The extra step to protecting your ears could make all the difference.

3. Know what’s too much for you.

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re far enough away from the fireworks. Maybe the people you’re with want to be close to the show, close enough that it seems just a little too loud for you. Maybe you’re worried you already have hearing loss, and fireworks just don’t seem worth the risk.

Only you know what’s too much for you and your hearing. If the fireworks are too loud, don’t be afraid to move to a safer distance or leave altogether. If your ears seem bothered, consider sitting in the car or wearing earplugs if you have them. If you think the fireworks you’re watching are hurting your ears, do something to protect yourself.

Once your hearing has been damaged from loud noises, you’ve lost that hearing for good. The only way to redeem it is by visiting an audiologist and getting fit with hearing devices that make up for it.

We want you to enjoy your Fourth of July without worrying about damaging your hearing. If you visit our offices before July 4th, we’ll give you and your family earplugs for FREE!

Don’t wait until the damage is already done to start protecting your hearing. You can start right now. Visit our office today to get your free earplugs!

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