3 Facts You Need to Know About Staying Active with Hearing Loss

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We all want to age gracefully, and staying active, both physically and socially, plays a key role in how we enjoy our life.

Statistics show that the older we get, the higher our risk of hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is normal and treatable. But leaving it untreated could have negative effects on your health and your social life.

Treating your hearing loss is the key to staying healthy and potentially elongating your life!

Here are some facts about hearing loss that could help you stay active as you age.

1. Untreated hearing loss can cause isolation.

If you have hearing loss, it might be difficult to remember how much fun it is to enjoy a night out with friends. Hearing loss causes us to retreat from the things we enjoy because we often feel frustrated in situations where we struggle to participate.

A leading study out of John Hopkins University discovered that there is a direct correlation between hearing loss and dementia. Dementia is caused by a myriad of factors, but a notable one is social isolation. This is only compounded by untreated hearing loss, which causes you to withdraw from social situations because you can’t hear well.

2. Staying physically active is easier when hearing loss isn’t standing in the way.

When your hearing loss is left untreated, it serves as a barrier between you and your best self. You might be surprised to learn that in some cases, hearing loss is actually a side effect of an underlying health issue.

Health issues like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes are just a few problems that could potentially cause hearing loss. An audiologist could help rule out any of those underlying issues, meaning you have a more comprehensive idea of your overall health.

Treating your hearing loss is an essential part of keeping an active lifestyle. If you want to stay healthy, see an audiologist!

3. Staying active keeps you young.

Aging is inevitable, but you don’t have to succumb to an inactive lifestyle just because you’re getting older. An active lifestyle is beneficial and worth the effort.

Exercising regularly will have a clear positive effect on your physical health, and it can even increase your brain volume. Just three hours of exercise a week increases your lifespan by five years! That’s worth it, wouldn’t you say?

A key to staying active is making sure your hearing loss is in check. Stay up-to-date with your audiologist and make sure your hearing loss is not getting worse. If your hearing aids aren’t working as well, let your audiologist know. When you’re hearing well, you’re able to focus on the things that matter and able to exercise regularly without worry.

Untreated hearing loss can and will keep you from living a healthy life. You don’t have to let that happen. Treating your hearing loss is the key to living a healthy life and allows you to stay actively engaged both socially and physically.

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