3 Reasons You Should Lease Your Hearing Aids

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You’ve received the news that your hearing loss is severe enough that you need hearing aids. Your audiologist gives you some devices to check out, but then you see the price! Maybe you were prepared to pay for your devices, but if you aren’t, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed.

At Associates in Hearing, we want to make it possible for you to receive the hearing healthcare you need and the devices that will make it possible for you to fully enjoy your life. If the cost of hearing aids is keeping you from treating your hearing loss, we think we have a solution.

Leasing your hearing aids is an affordable alternative to purchasing your devices outright. Here’s why you should look into it.

1. Affordability.

Your hearing aids are nearly invaluable when it comes to how you are able to live your life. But the initial investment might overwhelm you and your finances. Leasing is an affordable option.

When you lease your devices, you are able to pay a fixed monthly payment for 36 months ranging from $88 to $174.

Not only will you be able to afford your devices, you’ll also receive some of the best care available through your audiologist at Associates in Hearing. Unlike at a hearing aid retail outlet, when you lease from us, you can be guaranteed excellent care, diagnostic, and a follow-up from a doctor of audiology.

2. Always have the latest technology.

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving. Devices can now be so small they are hard to detect, and some can even be used with your smartphone. Staying up-to-speed with the best hearing aids available means you can have the best hearing possible with the best devices available.

Every 36 months, you can either choose to buy your current hearing aids at a discounted rate, or you can opt to get new devices with updated technology. Your devices will always be working for you.

You also have the option to donate your hearing devices after the 36 month period through our non-profit alliance. Your old devices will be refurbished and given to someone in need.

3. Comprehensive care package to eliminate your worries.

The maintenance of your hearing aids is important if you want to continue hearing well. We make it easy to take care of your devices and eliminate any of your concerns.

Your care package will be included in your lease and guarantees that your devices are always working their best. It includes complimentary reprogramming, cleaning, routine maintenance, and in-office repairs. You will also have a full manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of your lease and a full manufacturer loss and damage replacement warranty.

If your devices aren’t working the way you’d hoped, you also have 30 days to return them and receive a refund.

Are you still on the fence about getting hearing devices? Don’t let the price keep you from the taking the leap. Leasing your hearing aids is an affordable, valuable option, and when you lease with Associates in Hearing, we’ll make sure your hearing and your devices are under the best possible care.

We’d love to get you the devices you need. Call us today to learn more about our leasing option, available devices, and how you can start enjoying your life again.

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