7 Questions with Sean Reiff

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Our team at Associates in Hearing is dedicated to serving our patients with high-quality personalized care. We love helping people like you discover just how amazing life can be with great hearing. It’s a privilege to serve our patients every day.

Since September of 2013, Sean Reiff has been working at Associates in Hearing and serves as our Business Manager. He helps us with business, marketing, and IT, keeping us up-to-date to make sure we’re serving each patient the best we can.

Next time you visit our offices, say hi to Sean! He’s essential to how we care for our patients, and we think everyone our team deserves to know they’re appreciated.

Here are a few facts about Sean:

1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Growing up I always wanted to be involved in sports. It was my entire world and my giant imagination as a kid kept me focused on some aspect of athletics. As time went on and I matured, I saw more of a future in business. Then after working at a hospital for a year in Boston, I knew I wanted a career in healthcare, too. Working at Associates in Hearing allows me to combine both of my passions.

2. Where did you go to college?

I went to West Virginia University for undergrad. I am currently attending Temple University for my MBA, and I am projected to graduate in the Fall of 2019.

3. What are your hobbies?

I am a sports nut, so anything involving that gets me interested. Whether it is participating in local games, watching as a fan, or playing fantasy football, sports has always been a passion of mine. On top of that, I enjoy cooking, listening to music, and traveling. My goal is to someday visit all 50 states.

4. What is your favorite food or meal to eat?

Nothing gets me more excited than a quality pizza. But I am open to trying all foods, and one of my favorite things about traveling is trying the local cuisine.

5. What is your favorite part about working at Associates in Hearing?

My favorite part is the indirect way I impact people’s lives. Although my job doesn’t always entail a direct connection with our patients, I know that what I do has an impact on their quality of life. Facilitating the audiologists to treat patients and help improve their hearing gives me great joy.

I also am very proud of being part of Entheos and being able to help people all over the world with their hearing and giving them opportunities in life they otherwise wouldn’t have.

6. What is one of your favorite memories from your childhood?

Some of my fondest memories as a child are running around my mother’s hearing practice as she waited to finish her work day. I never saw myself working here, but I remember being in awe of the people she touched and the services she performed. I am proud to now be a part of that practice and to help contribute to our goal of helping people rediscover their hearing.

7. Why is hearing important?

Hearing is important because it connects you to people. I hear people brush off hearing as a convenience and that they can get by without it. I believe people say that because they can’t see the gradual affect hearing loss has on their personality and relationships. I challenge any person with suspected hearing loss to at least get tested and try hearing devices. With the complimentary demos we offer, you have nothing to lose. I am confident you will notice a difference in yourself and the people in your life.

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