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    ReSound LiNX 3D Demo Weeks


    August 21st – 25th & September 18th – 22nd

    Take advantage of the opportunity to demo the new ReSound LiNX 3D risk-free!  This technology is doing wonders for its users and features the following:

    Virtually invisible: Feel at ease that you will be the focus of the conversation, not your hearing aids. These hearing aids are so discreet and comfortable that your family, friends, and colleagues notice only you.

    Made for iPhone®: These new hearing aids connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® and work like wireless stereo headphones. This allows you to stream crystal clear phone calls, movies, and music directly to your hearing aids without an intermediary device.

    Hearing care wherever you are: Sometimes the hearing aid settings you like in the clinic perform differently in your everyday life. With all new technology features, you can stay in touch with your hearing care professional and get new settings from wherever you are, without having to return to the office.



    Complimentary Hearing Screenings

    Fall is around the corner and Mother Nature is beginning to make changes all around us.  Some of the most beautiful scenery during these Autumn months isn’t quite the same without the sounds that accompany them.  If you aren’t hearing everything you think you should come see what can be done to improve your quality of life and learn more about your hearing health.

    If you are a PEAK Center member, feel free to come join us for complimentary hearing screening and learn about ways to cope with hearing loss.  Current hearing aid users are welcome to bring their devices for a free cleaning and check!


    Date: Monday, October 2, 2017

    Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

    Location: The PEAK Center, 606 E Main St., Lansdale, PA 19446



    National Protect Your Hearing Month

    October is National Protect Your Hearing Month and we encourage you to help raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss, the only type of sensorineural hearing loss that is preventable.  Doing little things like lowering the volume of your headphones, wearing earmuffs when mowing the lawn or using earplugs at a noisy venue, will help prevent a future hearing loss that can’t be restored.  During the month of October, enjoy a free pair of earplugs for you or loved one to use to protect your hearing in noisy situations.