Introducing our Cochlear ImplantĀ Candidacy Program

Making sure you are aware of every option possible for conquering your hearing loss.

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What is a Cochlear Implant?

We want to give our patients every option possible to treat their hearing loss. This is why we have become certified in Cochlear Implant Candidacy and Rehabilitation. Cochlear implants are designed to mimic the function of a healthy inner ear (or cochlea). They replace the function of damaged sensory cells inside the ear to help provide clearer sound than what hearing aids can provide.

Our program allows us to determine if a cochlear implant is the right solution for your hearing health. From there, we help you coordinate your next steps.

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Discuss History

Current hearing loss, current hearing aids (if applicable) and other factors that have encouraged you to look in cochlear implants.

Determine Candidacy

Candidacy is determined by hearing loss and an evaluation that will be done with your hearing aids in your ears. Once the test is finished, the doctor will let you know if you are eligible for a cochlear implant.

Take Next Steps

Once you are a candidate for the cochlear implant, we will determine if you are a physical candidate for surgery. We can assist you in scheduling an appointment with University of Pennsylvania Hospital to be cleared for surgery and scheduled for the implantation.

Receive Your Implant

The surgery is a very simple outpatient procedure which typically takes less than 3 hours. Once implanted you will return back to Associates in Hearing after a few weeks for activation and rehabilitation with the cochlear implant.

Natural Hearing experience

Never miss a moment, whether in a quiet room or outside on a windy day. Your device will automatically adjust using SmartSoundĀ® iQ* with SCAN making it possible for you to hear the way you used to.

Replace the missing pieces

Cochlear Implants make it possible for you to hear sounds that you were not able to hear before with you previous devices.

Easy connectivity to devices

You can control your hearing experience with a compatible smartphone. Sound, music, videos and more can be streamed directly through your device.

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