Costco Hearing Aids cost a lot more than you think.

See how Associates in Hearing service compares to Costco hearing aids.
Certified Doctors of Audiology (Au.D.) with 8 years of training to meet your true hearing needs.
Full diagnostic hearing test to determine your unique hearing profile.
The latest and most effective technology from the leading manufacturers to give you the best hearing.
Built-in follow-up appointments, check and cleans, annual testing, wax removal, and more!
High quality and personalized service with a dedicated front office staff that aims to meet your specific need.
    Few stores have Audiologists which means most of your help is done by a tech with 6 months of training.
    Minimum testing performed in a warehouse environment.
    Older and more limited technology in their hearing aids which minimize the potential for hearing success.
    No loaner aids when they break down which causes weeks without hearing.
    Inconsistent service providers and long waits to schedule appointments.

      There is a better way.

      Here is your PLAN for success at Associates in Hearing.

      Meet with an Audiologst

      We want to get to know you. By understanding what you care about, your hobbies, and how you like to spend your time, we can better understand what kind of treatment will work best for your life.


      Using a variety of testing, we are able to determine what might be causing your hearing loss. This gives us a clearer path to treatment, meaning you can once again hear like you used to.

      Create a Plan

      After your evaluation, we develop a plan that aligns with what your needs are, your lifestyle, and your budget.

      Follow Up

      It’s important that your care continues after your appointment with us. We follow up with you to make sure your devices are working like they should and that your level of hearing is where you want it to be.

      Associates in Hearing Reviews

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      I can't speak highly enough of Dr Aubrey Marley. I've had hearing aids for 6 years thru 3 different doctors (due to insurance). I was pleased how well I could hear when I first got hearing aids, but disappointed that I would never hear like a young person again. Layers of noise, grandchildren's lisping high-pitched speech, background noise, crowds - would forever be a problem. When my insurance sent me to Dr Marley, it was a godsend. She took detailed time with me, testing down to details: "how does the crackle of this bag sound?" "Can you clearly distinguish the letter 's'?" Testing and resetting, and checking again (all in a single sitting). By the time she was done, I could hear better than I have in a decade. I'm only59 Now I can hear layers of sound, easily picking out voices from background noise. I can understand the lisping speech of my grandkids, conversations in crowds, the tv without subtitles, and more. I can't speak highly enough of the care and expertise provided by Dr Marley. I highly recommend her.

      Susie Kemmerer
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      I have gone to Associates with Hearing for 35+ years and have never considered going elsewhere. They are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring. I totally recommend them!

      Wayne Buehler
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      While I am a new user of new Oticon hearing aids I am very satisfied with them and in particular with the professional service I received in the acquisition process. Dr. Reiff is the owner of the Associates in Hearing facility in Lansdale, PA and was thorough in her examination of my hearing and explaining what the exam results showed. I had put off for a long time the need for aids and chose to see DR. Reiff after hearing the experience my son-in-law had with her and the practice in general.I have not been disappointed.

      Arthur Conrad

      Costco Reviews

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      My father is 83 and he was visiting from abroad. I took him to the Costco shop on Glen Mills, PA to the hearing aids shop to learn about the products. After a few minutes a salesman came and told me that I had to make an appointment over the phone the following day. I made the appointment and went back to the shop at the agreed time to find out that they wrongly booked my appointment in the computer. They told me that there was nothing they could do and that I had to re-book another appointment. The woman at the desk did not care at all that they made us waste two hours of our time when it was their fault to schedule the appointment at the wrong time.

      I went to another location in Mount Laurel, NJ and tried to get another appointment. They said that they were booked for the whole month. Overall, the customer experience was terrible. I will not do business with these people. I prefer to go to a professional and pay more for a good product and have a good experience. With such terrible customer service, if you have any problem with the hearing aids, you will spend more money in time and frustration. These people do not care about the customer.

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      I’m very sensitive to sounds, I need best noise reduction. I told them that. I’d go back for adjustments and got nowhere. It seems they want me to just accept what computer tells them.

      She shushed me twice and went on to say how I have to just get used to it. I explained how I am wired with high pitches, tinning sounds, etc. (old audiologist in Elkhart understood my loss) after she was insulting my intelligence again, I got up and said I was out of there. She told me to not take her personally!! I had hoped something would have changed in the time since I’d seen her, but I was wrong. She is their “best” everyone says but they only want to adjust a couple times and get me out. Bottom line is I got what I paid for.

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      The Hearing Aids never worked right. They muted voices when trying to filter out background noise. The buttons failed on one and were sent back again.

      Upon their return, I tried them for two days and they were horrendous. Going into a store they blocked our voices because they tried to block out the background noise. You only have volume controls and the software for the phone is useless. They are junk. I am trying to return them for something that will work but the insurance doesn't know how to do that. After reading reviews of this brand it is obvious they are low-end poor hearing aids that Costco should not be selling. Hopefully, this will be resolved because I cannot wear this junk.


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