Ear Molds & Hearing Protection

Musician Ear Molds

Musicians suffer not just from hearing loss but also a ringing in their ears and various pitch-perception problems. Many performing musicians use ear monitors to regulate the levels of sound they absorb on the stage while performing.

In-ear monitors are devices used by musicians to listen to music or to hear a custom mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. Depending on the quality of the fit and length of the ear canal, a custom fit in-ear monitor will generally provide somewhere between 25 and 35 dB of noise reduction. Musicians who do not need amplified playback in their ears may benefit from custom-fitted musicians’ earplugs.

Swimmer’s Molds

Many people are seen each year at medical facilities due to ear infections or other ear related issues as a result from swimming and bathing. Associates in Hearing fits floatable Swim Molds for swimming, and can prevent infections or other problems before they start, such as hearing loss at a later stage.

By sealing the entrance to the ear canal, waterproof ear plugs keep water out of the sensitive region inside the ear canal. Swim Molds are ideal for water sports, recreational swimming, daily showering and individuals whom suffer from chronic ear infections. Swim Molds are manufactured from a soft, 100% floatable silicone which is comfortable to wear and prevent a tight seal to make sure no water enters the ear.

Custom Hearing Protection for Hunters

A gunshot can create 140-190 dB, depending on weapon.  Anything over 85 dB leaves you vulnerable to hearing loss.

Using ear protection while hunting, shooting or during exposure to other sudden loud noises is important. Hunting plugs use a filter which instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Otherwise, the filters remain open so hearing is essentially normal when not shooting, This allows you to hear other sounds necessary for hunting and conversation.

Precordial Stethoscope Ear Molds

Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) must accurately monitor the vital signs of their patients during surgery. Constantly wearing a stethoscope can cause irritation and a distraction for these professionals. Custom molds can provide in increased ability to detect sound with their tailored fit that is better versed to block out background noise. We can provide you with a custom molded Anesthesiologist Earpiece designed to be used with a precordial stethoscope that will eliminate these problems.

We currently visit several Philadelphia Medical Universities to provide Precordial Stethoscope molds to their doctoral and nursing students so that that can more effectively treat their patients.