Four occupations at higher risk for hearing loss

A lot of us probably work normal jobs that don’t put our health at risk. Or at least, we think we do. We might be neglecting to protect our hearing, something that is vital to more than just hearing someone next to you.

There are jobs out there that can put you at a higher risk of hearing loss, but that doesn’t mean they’re unsafe! It just means that there are precautions you should be taking to make sure your hearing is protected.

Any noise that is above 85 decibels is considered harmful to your hearing, and with exposure over long periods of time, your risk of damage increases. Hearing loss makes it difficult for you to stay connected to the ones you love, potentially puts you in danger, and can have negative effects on your brain health.

Staying safe is important. Here are the top four jobs that could be harmful to your hearing:

1. Airport Ground Staff

While directing jet engines during landing and take off, these people are exposed to some of the loudest noises someone can experience. A jet engine registers around 140 decibels, so it’s absolutely necessary for ground staff to do what it takes to protect their ears.

Wearing protective earmuffs is a requirement for this job, and making sure you take breaks from the noise is a necessity.

2. Construction Worker

We see construction happening all the time, and it’s pretty obvious that the machinery used in construction sites can be dangerously loud! A rattle gun is one of the loudest tools these workers use, and it registers at around 120 decibels.

Using protective earmuffs or ear plugs should be a requirement, even if they seem uncomfortable. It’s worth the discomfort if your hearing is protected–otherwise, you’re left with hearing loss that will affect you for a lifetime.

3. Nightclub Worker

For someone who spends most of their evenings working at nightclubs or bars, it’s easy to overlook the effects loud music can have. You might even be accustomed to the noise and think nothing of it! But when you work a long shift with loud music playing non-stop, you could easily be exposed to noise that registers at 115 decibels, at least.

It might not be possible to wear earplugs, but it is possible to take breaks from the noise and position yourself away from speakers. If noise exposure is unavoidable, be aware of the long-term effects of hearing loss. You might not regret it now, but you could regret it later in life when you’re struggling to hear well.

4. Farmers

Working on a farm might not seem like a noisy job, but there are times when loud noise exposure does happen and is often unavoidable. Using loud machinery and equipment could easily cause hearing loss. Squealing pigs can even make a lot of noise, registering around 105 decibels!

The best you can do is be aware of your hearing and the noise you’re finding yourself exposed to. Don’t neglect to use hearing protection, keeping a set of ear plugs around or near equipment when you need it.

These jobs are all important and valuable, but the risk for hearing loss is still there. Be aware of the noise you’re exposing yourself to, and educate yourself on how hearing loss can affect your life in the long run. You won’t regret taking the time to protect your hearing.

If you suspect you might have a noise-induced hearing loss, give us a call! We’d love to help you get your hearing back. With a hearing evaluation, we can help you determine if hearing aids are a good fit for your potential hearing loss, giving you back the ability to live life to the full.

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