Restored Hearing Means Restored Lives.

Together we can defeat hearing loss both globally and locally.


Beyond Lansdale.

Did you know that 360 million people worldwide have hearing loss? Did you know 32 million of those people are children?

At Associates In Hearing, we cannot stand by and allow this to continue. That is why we are launching a war against hearing loss. When a person conquers hearing loss, they unlock potential they never knew existed. This leads to better lives, connected families, and thriving communities.

By partnering with us today, you can help change someone’s life and help them reconnect with the things that matter most.


How You Can Help.


Your generosity allows us to provide care to anyone in need.

Local & Global Impact

All proceeds contribute to humanitarian projects across the globe and in our very own community.

Lives Changed

When people are able to hear, their potential is unlocked and they are empowered to live better lives.

Treating hearing loss can deeply impact families.

Recently, when we traveled to South Africa on a mission trip, we knew we would be helping dozens of children regain their hearing. Our goal was to start a journey toward better hearing healthcare for a community of people in need.

Three young girls and their mothers stick in our memory. When we tested their hearing and fit them with devices, a smile of recognition and relief spread across their faces. These girls can now communicate with their families, participate in school, and contribute to their community.

Lives are changed when we treat hearing loss.


We serve in our local retirement communities by bringing hearing healthcare to the elderly. By finding the right hearing solutions for them, we can help the elderly gain independence to communicate themselves.

Recently, a woman was struggling to hear the community around her, and we were able to fit her with the right devices. Instead of feeling isolated and frustrated, now she could communicate independently and enjoy life.

Making a difference doesn’t always require going across the world.

Hurricane Maria recently made life for people in Turks & Caicos more complicated. In places where we had already implemented hearing healthcare, Hurricane Maria ravaged what was available, leaving the community to start from scratch.

One man who was treated with a hearing device became our tour guide on the island. For the first time in a long time, communication for him was easy.

We take humanitarian trips so we can make a difference in the lives of those who struggle to find the resources they need.