Your company’s trusted partner for testing, treating, and monitoring your employees’ hearing.

With better hearing, your employees will feel safer, happier, and make your business more money. All while staying in OSHA compliance!

Are your employees in a safe environment?

You care about your staff, and one of the best things you can do for them is making sure their hearing is protected. By staying up-to-date with current OSHA regulations, you are promising your employees that they matter. We provide the testing and education to keep your company at state standards, ensuring your employees’ safety and well-being.
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Why It Matters.

When your company is not compliant with OSHA, your employees suffer. Not only will they experience negative effects to their hearing, but the overall atmosphere and morale of your staff will deteriorate. Protect your employees and give us a call to make sure your people are safe and educated.

Numbers tell a story…

Partner with your employees to treat their hearing loss, so they can be more productive for your business.
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Where To Start

When it comes to hearing protection for your employees, we make it simple.

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Reach out to us to schedule a time for our team to test the sound levels at your place of work.


We test the sound levels to see how they rank on OSHA standards and if hearing protection is required. We even screen each of your employees to check their hearing and see if any hearing loss is present.

Individualized Service
(Education & Yearly Follow-Up)

We want to make sure you and your employees know what to look for when it comes to proper hearing protection and potential hearing loss. We will educate your company on how to stay within state standards and follow up with you each year to keep you educated on hearing safety.

We want to make sure your company is working at its best.

There are over 39 million people in the workforce right now who experience hearing loss. Chances are, there are people on your team struggling to hear, and you don’t realize it.

When you call Associates in Hearing, we promise to make it our goal to keep your employees protected and educated when it comes to their hearing. Not only will we test your work environment, we also screen each employee for any signs of hearing loss and offer preventive measures to keep it from progressing.

3 Essential Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy and Meet OSHA Requirements

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