Finally, an affordable way to purchase hearing aids.

Introducing our new hearing aid leasing program.

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Why Hearing Aid Leasing?

Affordable Monthly

Access to the Best Hearing Technology

Worry-Free Service

Three-Year Repair

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Staying connected to the life you love is important.

Your hearing loss has stood in the way for too long, and you deserve a partner who will help you understand what might be wrong and the best way to fix it. Associates in Hearing is your trusted expert when it comes to your hearing loss, and together, we can reconnect you to the people and things that matter most.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how little hassle was involved in the leasing program. I was expecting to sign my life away, much like obtaining a car lease or loan. The monthly payments allow for a perfect balance of funds with my other life expenses.

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  • Affordable low monthly payments
  • Now accepting down payments to lower monthly costs
  • A free 2-week trial of ANY device
  • Your first month is on us!
  • The best hearing aid technology available
  • A Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) to help you at your fitting and at any point you need assistance
  • Appointments, cleanings, adjustments, and more
  • Try ANY devices risk-free for two weeks
  • A low monthly payment as low as $44

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Pricing Tiers.

FAQs about leasing

If the leasee passes away, who would be responsible?

Like in other financial loan instances, the family would carry on the cost of the lease.

What happens if I want to return the hearing aids before my 30-day trial?

You would be able to walk away from the lease with the exception of $300.00
service fee.

What happens to my hearing device once my lease finishes?

After your lease ends, your hearing aid will be donated to global humanitarian trips to help the hearing impaired in 3rd world countries!

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