Putting your best interest first.

Our highly trained Doctors of Audiology are dedicated to putting our patients’ best
interests first. We believe that ALL patients deserve access to professional hearing healthcare.

For this reason, we have payment options that make hearing treatment accessible to all.

Your Payment Options

Hearing Aid Coverage and Payment Options

Check Insurance Coverage First

We call each patient’s insurance company to verify hearing aid coverage; some insurance companies do provide benefits towards hearing aids. We work with most major insurance providers.

Traditional Purchase Options

If insurance does not cover hearing aids, many patients choose to purchase hearing aids on their own. They can choose to finance purchases interest-free for a year.

All hearing aid purchases come with a lifetime of service so the patient will not have any hidden fees. By including services with the purchase of hearing devices, it encourages patients to come back in for the necessary hearing aid check-ups (at no charge), ensuring that their hearing aids are working optimally even years after purchase.

Hearing Aid Leasing Options

We can also offer our patients a unique hearing aid lease option. Patients lease hearing aids for 4 years at a very low monthly cost and have the ability to upgrade their technology after 3 years. All service and batteries are included during that time, and patients can stay up-to-date with the most advanced hearing technology by renewing every 3 years. At the end of the lease, patients can either purchase the devices for a low cost or return the hearing aids to be donated to our non-profit efforts.

Non-profit Options for Those in Need

We work with Hearing the Call, a 501 9(c)(3) organization that provides hearing aids to those who otherwise can’t afford them for just $150 per device. Patients can qualify for the program if their household income falls within a predetermined range. Our unique “Circle of Giving” model also requires recipients complete 20 hours of community service to “pay it forward.”

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