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I have gone to Associates with Hearing for 35+ years and have never considered going elsewhere. They are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring. I totally recommend them!

Wayne Buehler
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I can't speak highly enough of Dr Aubrey Marley. I've had hearing aids for 6 years thru 3 different doctors (due to insurance). I was pleased how well I could hear when I first got hearing aids, but disappointed that I would never hear like a young person again. Layers of noise, grandchildren's lisping high-pitched speech, background noise, crowds - would forever be a problem. When my insurance sent me to Dr Marley, it was a godsend. She took detailed time with me, testing down to details: "how does the crackle of this bag sound?" "Can you clearly distinguish the letter 's'?" Testing and resetting, and checking again (all in a single sitting). By the time she was done, I could hear better than I have in a decade. I'm only59 Now I can hear layers of sound, easily picking out voices from background noise. I can understand the lisping speech of my grandkids, conversations in crowds, the tv without subtitles, and more. I can't speak highly enough of the care and expertise provided by Dr Marley. I highly recommend her.

Susie Kemmerer
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While I am a new user of new Oticon hearing aids I am very satisfied with them and in particular with the professional service I received in the acquisition process. Dr. Reiff is the owner of the Associates in Hearing facility in Lansdale, PA and was thorough in her examination of my hearing and explaining what the exam results showed. I had put off for a long time the need for aids and chose to see DR. Reiff after hearing the experience my son-in-law had with her and the practice in general.I have not been disappointed.

Arthur Conrad
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Dr Flynn provided a thorough baseline hearing exam for me. His diagnostic tools/technology and bedside manner are superb! I’d recommend this practice to anyone!

Deb Stannard
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I have been going to Associates in Hearing for a number of hearing aid changes now. That’s how I tell time. I see David, who is a wonderful, caring person who knows his craft. We are planning to fit me for a newer hearing aid product. I look forward to the change and know that David will do everything he can to make this venture be of the highest quality. In addition, the entire staff is most congenial and cooperative. Who ever heard of enjoying a visit to an audiologist? Well, I do.

Janet Barndt
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My mother-in-law was 86 when she finally agreed to go for a hearing test. For years we had been saying that she needed help. Fortunately, we found Dr. Patricia Reiff, who took pains to fit her with the best hearing aids for her age-related deafness. We were thrilled when we left Dr. Reiff and she could actually hear what I was saying from the back seat of the car. Her world opened up for her that day. Associates in Hearing pursue the best possible outcome for each individual!

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My family has been pleased with the services of this office for many years. My mother, then my sister with special needs, and now myself, all have hearing aids. We wouldn’t trust our care to anyone else but Dr. Marley and Associates in Hearing. Everyone in the office is so caring and accommodating. We highly recommend this practice!

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Dr. David Flynn is a very patient person, listens to my problems, and explains what he thinks is the solution. Being a technical person, sometimes I have a suggestion and he is often willing to explore that. I never feel rushed and I am happy with the results of the adjustments when I leave.


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