• Tips for Summer Concerts and Hearing Protection


    Need some tips for summer concerts and hearing protection?  Well a Vanderbilt University – MTV.com report, coupled with the tests conducted by the Journal Sentinel that send clear signals that if we, as individuals, don’t take steps to protect our hearing, continued exposure to loud noise – like the noise you hear at a summer concert – can cause permanent-you-have-it-forever hearing loss in as little as three hours.

    So, what can you do to protect the hearing that you still have left?  Common sense comes into play, here.

    First, sit in the back rows.  Don’t rush to get as close as you can to the wall of speakers.  Give your ears a little bit of a break.  Remember, if you’re at a Dave Matthews Band concert, sitting in Row M, your ears are still consuming 107.5 dBs – enough to cause permanent hearing loss or permanent tinnitus.   Imagine carrying that around with you for the rest of your life and for what – three hours of Dave Matthews? Is it worth it?

    Not much of a decision, is it?

    Next, if it’s a marathon music fest, a la Woodstock, take a walk to get away from the music for an hour or two.  Give your ears a break from the constant assault.  Take a walk around the venue and allows yourself time to recharge.  This way, the sound wave tsunami produced by stacks of amps, woofers, and tweeters doesn’t hit you smack in the ear drum.

    Most importantly wear ear plugs.  You can get specially filtered custom earplugs for music which allow you to protect your hearing while still enjoying the quality of the music.  Disposable ear plugs are provided for free for our patients at Associates in Hearing and can save you from years of hardship. 

    Finally, if you have been at the concert for multiple hours unprotected and you hear a jingle in your ears, leave early.  It’s the long-term exposure to loud music that causes hearing loss, so shorten the term – even if it means you miss the three encores.  Your long-term hearing is more important than any concert.

    So, along with the Tostitos, salsa, chips, dip and fine wine, pack a pair of ear plugs and give yourself and your ears a break. 

    Rock on this summer! Just do it wisely now.